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About belmoto

belmoto helps to get access to innovative, flexible and tailor-made mobility solutions for your company.

New mobility is versatile and flexible. New offers like eScooter, bike- or carsharing extend the possibilities. We help our customers to provide their employees with easy access. Our new belmoto Mobility Card is a smart and easy-to-use solution, giving a maximum in flexibility and cost-control.

For more than 10 years belmoto has been developing innovative fleet solutions to reduce costs and administrative burdens. Our drive for innovation and our experience with change-management is an important element of our company culture. Hereby we strive to keep pace with the ever-changing demands for employee mobility. 

belmoto represents modern, flexible and provider-independent mobility – tailor-made for your company with innovative solutions.

Modern mobility is versatile and needs to be highly flexible. New options like eScooter, bike- oder carsharing complement the classical range of company mobility including cars and public transport. 

We help our customers to give their employees easy and independent access to all forms of mobility, and position themselves as attractive employers.

Our unique belmoto Mobility Card is a smart and easily implementable solution, giving you a maximum in flexibility, full cost-control and attractive benefits for your employees.  

For more than 10 years belmoto has also been developing innovative fleet concepts and tailor-made company car and rental solutions to reduce your costs and increase employee motivation. The belmoto Car Solution simplifies your administration, allows transparent cost control and provides 100% digital invoicing.

Our holistic belmoto Mobility Management offers tailor-made and innovative enterprise mobility concepts, adapting quickly to your company's particular needs. 

At belmoto, the readiness for change is an important part of our own company culture. This allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt to changes and challenges in the European mobility environment. At the same time we at belmoto keep our traditional values and strive to be a reliable partner, providing dedicated contact persons for you and your employees.

The belmoto Management

Philip Kneissler 

Philip is the belmoto founder. He has grown belmoto into a unique provider of holistic, independent and modular mobility management concepts, dedicated to delivering best-in-class solutions for our clients.

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Michael Müller

Michael is our innovation and change management expert who invented the belmoto Mobility Card, to pave the way for our clients into flexible mobility.

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Ralf Knaier

Ralf is responsible for fleet operations and our expert for cost and process optimization for our clients.

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Meike Buhmann

Meike is responsible for the rental car business. She and her team create innovative and flexible car rental solutions, always keeping an eye on customer satisfaction.

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Carolyn Gehlhoff

Carolyn and her team are responsible for leasing management. She takes care of the overall and individual requirements of our clients and their employees.

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Michaela Deutinger

Michaela is responsible for the company "resure", which is part of the belmoto Group. She advises our customers as an expert in the fleet sector and offers innovative solutions in claims and returns management with resure.

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Sustainable change in mobility
  • Digitization offers new mobility options
  • Owning a car is not a status symbol anymore
  • The need for alternative mobility options increases
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With their professional knowledge, the belmoto experts help us adopt new perspectives. Their innovative approach allows us to develop fresh ideas.

Jutta Rumpf, Compensation & Benefits
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The fast and uncomplicated possibility of switching or returning cars allows us to react quickly to any changes in the company

Benedikt Kessl, Head of Fleet Management
Ströer SE & Co.KGaA

belmoto, as a specialist in their sector, provides us with the best possible support and service due to their long-standing experience.

Bianca Werning, HR Manager
Michael Page International (Deutschland) GmbH

The modern car rental solutions from belmoto give us full transparency, cost control, and high flexibility at the same time.

Stefan Müller, Geschäftsführer
e.optimum Energieberatung GmbH

belmoto convinced us with a holistic and innovative range of mobility offers. This, as well as the great service provided by the team have simplified things and reduced our administrative burden.

Ralf Junge, Personalvorstand


10 years belmoto


belmoto expands the management team with the innovation expert Michael Müller and launches the belmoto mobility card.


belmoto reaches next milestone with more than 2.5 million mobility days.


belmoto is on track and is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany according to Focus Spezial.


The innovative fleet service belmoto plus is launched.


Ralf Knaier joins the management team and takes responsibility for operatons.


belmoto wins the Autoflotte innovation award and former Sixt Board member Dr. Hans-Ulrich Sachenbacher joins the advisory board.


belmoto supports the Michael Stich Stiftung foundation and becomes mobility partner of the German Hockey Association (Photo: Hinnerk Baumgarten, Moritz Fürste, Michael Stich, Philip Kneissler, Marc Ciunis, Nova Meierhenrich).


belmoto develops new fleet rental offers and surprises the industry with its fast growth.


belmoto position themselves as specialized online platform for leasing, renting and selling cars to corporate fleets


Philip Kneissler starts belmoto - the idea of a mobility broker is born.


Help shape the future of mobility